Is This Your Child?

  • frustrated and struggling in school?

  • having emotional and behavioral struggles?

As A Parent Are You?

  • feeling hopeless, discouraged, overwhelmed, or scared?

  • tired of feeling heartbroken and isolated?

Shofer Educational Consulting is here for you when you have exhausted all the options that you as a parent are familiar with, to address your child’s educational and/or emotional or behavioral needs.

Our mission is helping families find the best place for their child to feel safe and able to learn, heal and thrive.

Shofer Educational Consulting provides consultation and placement services for families with a child who is struggling in their current environment, despite local academic and /or therapeutic support.

Having a child in crisis, whether it be for academic or emotional/behavioral reasons can be an unsettling and stressful experience for a family. When a parent is consumed by fear or strong concerns about their child’s well-being, it is difficult to make a sound, informed decision about how to intervene.

Ann Shofer and Shofer Educational Consulting provides support, guidance, planning, crisis management and an extensive national network of alternative educational and therapeutic options for families seeking change.

Over my twenty years of professional experience, I’ve worked with adolescents and young adults who struggle with learning differences and/or with emotional or behavioral struggles.

Finding the most appropriate “best fit “in residential placement for your child is a big decision for parents. They are often at a loss as to where to turn and what to do.

To add to the confusion the internet is full of false information that can often lead parents to make poor and often expensive decisions about schools and programs for their child.

Relying on a friend or relative who might suggest a school or therapeutic program that they’ve heard of, but never visited, and ends up being a poor fit for your child’s needs.

When making this critical decision, it is not the time to rely on the internet or word of mouth. Your child is too vulnerable.

Where does a parent turn for sound advice and guidance?

A therapeutic/educational consultant can help parents sort out all the options and make the best decisions.

Specialty placements require a sophisticated level of education, training, and experience. A therapeutic/educational consultant is trained and skilledShofer Educational Consulting in working with complex problems related to learning differences, mental health, addiction, adoption, maturational delay, and many other unique needs.

I travel extensively to visit and evaluate schools and therapeutic programs throughout the United States, gaining first-hand knowledge of current staff, curriculum, clientele, and school culture to provide families with the most up­ to-date information possible.

In addition, I have built trusting relationships with school and program directors, admissions staff, clinical therapists, and teachers. I’ve toured campuses and thoroughly explore each school or program’s living environments and unique offerings.

I will not recommend a school or program if I haven’t visited it, and established a relationship with the staff.

My knowledge of these programs is essential, in helping to create a plan of action to help each individual student meet their long term educational, therapeutic and life goals.

Working with an educational consultant is a very personal process for parents. The combination of dealing with my own learning difficulties, and helping my own children with theirs, as well as my experience as a special educator and learning specialist makes me uniquely qualified to guide you through the entire placement process.

I can help you make wise, well-informed decisions that can positively affect your child’s future at this crucial time.

You are not alone! I have walked in your shoes and have been through this same process with my own three children. I know the educational consulting world both as an educational consultant, and as a parent. As a result, I provide a special insight, and objectivity that is invaluable to parents. I understand what you are going through.

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